Petra van Moorst Fine Art

Each painting with a unique character

Petra van Moorst is a fine abstract artist whose works are characterized by their subjectivity and minimalism.

Petra van Moorst

Meditative experience

In the behind-the-scenes reels on Instagram, Petra shows how she works with fluid acrylics and inks and what inspires her art. She guides the paint with water, resulting in an meditative experience.

Petra's artistic journey started with an intense interest in painting. She found a harmonious connection between art and design, which motivated her to study design and fine art at the school of art.

Petra van Moorst

Working with fluid acrylics and inks

I primarily work with liquid acrylinc on raw canvas, striving to convey depth through transparencies and golden lines. I begin with numerous sketches on paper to familiarize myself with colors and shapes before embarking on the piece intuitively.

Evoking Harmony and Beauty

Inspired by exploration and a fresh perspective, her work centers on a rich color palette, ranging from soft colors to moss green. The paintings aim to capture an atmospheric quality, evoking the fluidity of water, the interplay of light, and the sense of weightlessness of a butterfly in the air.

Petra van Moorst

A Dialogical Process with the Canvas

Working with liquid acrylinc on raw canvas necessitates patience and a willingness to engage in the interplay of detached observation and intuitive immersion, as each layer must dry before the next can be applied.